News from Topspin Headquarters, Hürth, Germany

We ourselves can hardly believe it, but it’s true. From a tiny company regarded with pitying smiles at the beginning we have become Germany’s largest full-range manufacturer of tennis products. Right from the start we have consistently only cooperated with tennis experts; the world’s trainers, players and coaches.

The entire TOPSPIN SALES TEAM has also consisted from the beginning of people who themselves play and live for tournament tennis. Only this enabled and continues to enable us to provide the best advice and to manufacture the most appropriate and practical products. The general climate in the specialist tennis trade is deteriorating. More and more suppliers have entered the market dumping prices and at the end of the day the customer is the loser – competent advice for tennis products is less and less easy to find.

We at TOPSPIN, as manufacturers with our team will continue to enthuse and inspire those of you who play and live for tennis with our perfect advice and individual product tailoring.

All in all we are staying on the right course and together with you we will spread the enthusiasm for our sport.

All the best and lots of success in 2007
Your Topspin Team